Crystal report plugin for eclipse

To install Crystal Reports plugin for Eclipse using Eclipse's built-in Update Manager, follow the instructions below:

1.  Click on the eclipse Help menu, and select Software Updates.

2.  On the Software Updates and Add-ons dialog, select the Available Software tab.

3.  Click the Add Site. button. This will prompt the Add Site dialog.

4.  Type or copy the following URL for the Location field:

5.  Click OK to complete the wizard.  This will add the eclipse plugin for Crystal Reports item  to the list. Then it will start searching for available software components.

6.  Expand and select the Crystal Reports for Eclipse item(s).

7. Click the Install button to install the plugin.  Review the list of items to be installed and click the    Next> button.  Review and accept the license agreement for each feature and click the Finish  button for completing installation of Crystal report eclipse plugin.


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  2. its not working eclipse can we add crystal report plugins in that version???